Thursday, 9 February 2012

A large unmade bed

I look like a large, unmade bed - with a shopping bag attached

Today, I bought a red gingham shirt. Why? Is it fashionable? Do I particularly like the style? Is it because I wish to adopt the dress codes of certain age groups or social classes?  No.  My enduring obsession with The Russia House compelled me to don some of the attire of the film's leading character - Barley Scott Blair.  Not the full outfit, as seen here, but just a hint to acknowledge the continuing influence of the Russia House on my life - a kind of badge of allegiance to the underground band of fellow Russia House obsessives, or perhaps simply a sign of a deluded fantasist, donning the attire to slip into the role, to become the character ,  to live and breath the role for just a second or two. Like Mr Ben.  I was the same back in he early 90s whenever I wore my grey double breasted suit, like the character played by James Fox in the film.  As soon as the buttons were fastened, I was like "hello, my name's Ned, I'm from British Intelligence ..." .  My "Nedsky" suit is long gone, double breasted suits fell out of fashion.  Now, if only Marksies did those linen suits in more of a brown colour.

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