Thursday, 4 July 2013

Dave's Russia Page relaunched!

Originally established in 1999, but no updates since 2003, Dave’s Russia Page is back – now on its own domain and ad-free site:  I chose “” because I Iove the film and the book of that name, and I have a page and a blog dedicated to this movie.

But in general, this is my site dedicated to all things Russian. I try to cover a variety of subjects relating to Russia - its language, culture, history, politics and anything that is of particular interest to me. 

The site was originally hosted by at, and is still there at that location, but it is an advert-ridden site with annoying pop-ups.  I am in the process of transferring all the content from that site to include in the new location.  So far, I have only transferred the Home page, "Why Russia?" and "About Me".  I will transfer the other main features shortly.  All of the other content: news, economy, photos and miscellaneous sections will be put in an archive section of the new site.

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