Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Pushkov is an arsehole

The words disingenuous or specious are words that usually spring to mind whenever I watch this guy spout crap on the TV, dissembling with the same ease as Soviet-era politicians and spokespersons did.  But his latest ejaculation - on Twitter - is just crass.

Alexei Pushkov, Head of the State Duma's Foreign Affairs Committee,  has mocked the deadly shooting in Washington on Monday.  Thirteen people were killed and eight were injured in a mass shooting at the Navy Yard, a secure military complex in in the U.S. capital.  While most politicians expressed their condolences, Pushkov called the attack an example of "American exceptionalism."

He Tweeted: "A new shootout at Navy headquarters in Washington — a lone gunman and 7 corpses. Nobody's even surprised anymore. A clear confirmation of American exceptionalism,..." "The U.S.A. should part with the notion of American exceptionalism. It contradicts the principles of equal rights and smells of political racism."

What an insensitive tit!  

The term "American exceptionalism" was a term used by Putin in an open letter to the American people published in the New York Times last week.  Pushkov's use of the term smacks of toadyism - he is obviously trying to curry favour with Putin.  

But, I believe his crass and insensitive comments  essentially detract from what has widely regarded as Putin's deft diplomatic out-maneouvering of USA over unilaterla military strikes against Syria, and undermines the credibility of Putin's critique of American-centric viewpoint on world affairs.  In fact, I think it betrays a certain Russian exceptionalism - a sense of being a special nation - which often motivates Russia's attempt to restore its national pride, power and influence in the world (following the collpase of the USSR).

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