Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Russia House movie quotations

Just said this to my boss today: Do you expect me to roll over and play nice doggy? The italics represent a quote that I managed to slip in to a heated conversation we were having. It comes from the scene where British intelligence are trying to recruit Barley. 

Barley - "I thought we are all supposed to be chums together nowadays"
Ned - "Oh my dear Lord"
Walter - "because this year it suits them to roll over and play nice doggy, because this year they are on the floor anyway, you ninny!  All the more reason to spy the living daylights out of them, kick 'em in the balls every time they get to their knees"
Barley - "well that's where I disagree, I'll back my Russia against yours any day.  I'm sorry Ned, no go"

That reminds me, I actually used that last line 20 odd years ago to a previous boss when I was turning down an offer of a dubious secondment "I'm sorry . . . No go". It occurred to me that perhaps this could be a new quest, rather just than "bagging" locations from the movie, I could try to use quotes from the film and slip them into everyday conversations. But thinking about it, I already do use quite a few phrases already':

"No, not even a tickle old boy"
"Who the hell is that"
"Could turn around and bite us right in the ass"
"Sounds like a crock of shit"

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