Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Eurozine - A farewell to Russia - Vitaly Portnikov

Eurozine - A farewell to Russia - Vitaly Portnikov

Ukraine has gained a whole world of sympathetic people who support the country in its fight for something that should in fact be just as much a necessity for Russia too: freedom
Yeah, great bunch of friends they turned out to be: they encourage you to overthrow your government, to turn your back on Russia, join the EU, join NATO.  They promise to support you financially and militarily, but then don't come up with the goods.  They have singularly failed to support you in your hour of need. Great friends.ну не наглость, друзья еще называются!

They were never interested in your freedom: NATO just likes to poke the Russian bear with a stick, whereas the great EU Ponzi scheme needs your cheap labour, land, coal, wheat, and access to Black Sea ports. 

Your freedom is Russia's freedom, but the actions of Ukraine (and its friends) have worked to strengthen Putin's regime and its popularity. Ukraine is still corrupt, as is Russia. Great Success!

Moving article, but deluded.

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