Friday, 29 May 2015

Your own home - by your own hands!

I'm not sure of the exact translation of this poster is, or what exactly the viewer is being exhorted to do  "GIVE (help) MZhK! Moskovski Zhilikh Kvartali (Moscow Apartments) Your own home by your own hands".

I bought this poster back in 1989 from the huge book shop  - Dom Knigi - on Kalinin Prospekt (now Novy Arbat) in Moscow.  I had it on my bedroom wall for while when I lived at my parents, but probably chucked it out when I moved into my own place.  

I had a few other Soviet propaganda posters as well, but this was my favourite.  I had forgotten about it for 26 years until last month when my mate Steve, with whom I went to Russia in 1988 and '89, was having a clear out at his house and found this very poster.  He was going to throw it out, but fortunately he asked me if I would like it.  Well, I refuse nowt!  So it is now hanging in my kitchen. For how long - I don't know - but I'm sure it'll be gone soon if wor lass gets her way!

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