Monday, 14 September 2015

Skateboarding on the roof of Moscow's Soviet era buildings

I would love to do this.  This photo is from  a collection called "Ride the Roof - The secret skateboarding paradise on top of Moscow's Soviet-era buildings" from the website of The Calvert Journal
"Post-privatisation, it feels like the only way to access the centre of Moscow is with money. For youngsters like us, climbing roofs, walking the tunnels of the Metro by dark, skateboarding restricted areas – they’re all ways of taking back the city. It’s our idea of freedom. "

The Calvert Journal is a guide to the contemporary culture of the new east: the post-Soviet world, the Balkans and the former socialist states of central and eastern Europe. 


  1. Everyone sees the world differently, especially young people. Take a skateboarder for instance, when they see a stairway, a railing, or even the side of a building that is curved upwards.